Chelsea Does – Janie McGraw

I started watching the Netflix Documentary series “Chelsea Does” which is a series of 4 episodes where talk show host Chelsea Handler discusses significant topics that she would like to learn more about. The topics include marriage, drugs, and racism and she goes into great lengths to engage her viewers and show her dedication to becoming more knowledgeable about these topics. In the first episode about marriage she interviews random people and close friends about why they chose to get married and explained how the thought of walking down an aisle in a wedding gown “nauseates” her. In another episode about drugs she travels to Peru to try a potent hallucinogen  and shows the audience the side effects of it by filming her body’s response to it. I have to say it was pretty scary watching because her body first rejected the drug forcing her to vomit and then heightened her emotions forcing her to cry.

It is interesting to see how invested Chelsea is in these topics and how badly she wants her audience to understand these significant topics in our society. I have always admired Chelsea and was excited to begin watching this new series. I highly recommend that everyone watch this because it surely will keep you entertained.

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One Response to Chelsea Does – Janie McGraw

  1. marymdalton says:

    I keep hearing about this series and need to watch it!

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