Mustang- Ally Harper

I did it! I saw Mustang and it was absolutely fantastic. I doubted you Mary Dalton, but it did not disappoint. And I am too surprised it did not win an Oscar! I was immediately connected with the girls, especially Lale because of her personality and found myself on the edge of my seat each time another daughter was sent off to marry. This blog post might be a little scrambled because I dont think I have taken in the exact impact and power this film has so here is my best shot.

Lale is a badass. She was my favorite character from the beginning of the movie because she continually defied societies expectations. Not only did she refuse to be caged into the house sneaking out to see her driver friend, but went against everything that a woman was suppose to do. She liked football (soccer) something that women were not suppose to fancy, she did not understand nor did she like society’s rule that women should dress a certain way, and she certainly did not like authority. It was because of her that her sister and her did not follow in the others footsteps.

I connected with this film in a way that I havnt in a very long time and enjoyed every minute.

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One Response to Mustang- Ally Harper

  1. marymdalton says:

    Thrilled to read this…but why did you doubt me?

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