Technology Megan Barr

It’s hard watching something like Zootiopia and not seeing the connections it makes to modern culture. Today, my sorority is having a Disney duos theme for our date function. Ic can’t help but think of the traditional movies of my childhood. In fact, my date and I dressed up as Pinocchio and Gepetto. Despite our traditional very g rated idea I still couldn’t feel that we were being judged but after watching todays disney film Zootopia I don’t care. It addressed things like race, class, and gender while also identifying that beyond that we are all individuals. It also dealt with today’s addictions to technology. There were comments about iphones and social media. There were even phones that alluded to iphone. It was all amazing and scary. Is this where society is headed?? Is this all our children are going to know?

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One Response to Technology Megan Barr

  1. marymdalton says:

    G-rated in a way…but it is a gender-bending choice. Hope it was fun!

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