The Sensational

In honor of our upcoming viewing of Bound by the Wachowski sisters (and the fact that Dr. Dalton has not yet seen the series), let me take this post to convince you to watch the Netflix series Sense8.

Some logistics:

  • It’s only 10 episodes.
  • Each episode is only 1 hour long.
  • This means it will take you a total of 10 hours to watch the entire series (that’s been released so far), so no excuses.

The first episode is a lot of groundwork for the sci-fi heavy plot, so make it through that one, and you’re golden. My best friend hates sci-fi and still loves this show (even from the first episode). If you get to this scene in episode 4 and still don’t love the show, you can quit watching, but I’ll never forgive you.

(no plot spoilers, so feel free to watch the clip, but it’s obviously better with context)

A guarantee: you will fall in love with these characters. There’s so much this show does right, particularly with its representation of various identities (without feeling forced), but the eight main characters (and several key supporting ones) make the show what it is.

Watch it. Fall in love. Talk to me about it.


About seeyasullivan

21. Wake Forest University. Graduating May 2016. Communication Major with a triple minor in Film, Theatre, and Psychology.
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One Response to The Sensational

  1. marymdalton says:

    That’s a pretty hard sell, Heather. I don’t have ten hours until the books are finished…but…

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