Schindler’s List- Absolutely Amazing

As a Jew myself, I have heard about the film Schindler’s List for my entire life.  I have been berated by my grandfather for years to watch it.  For his 93rd birthday this past week I finally gave in and watched his favorite film so I could discuss it with him.  He was right, it was one of the greatest films I have ever seen.  Besides the obvious parts of this film that captivated me, like the incredible story and acting, I was surprisingly most moved by the music.  To me, the violinist Itzhak Perlman absolutely transformed the movie.  I have never been specifically drawn to cinema soundtrack, especially not the violin/orchestra style but in this case it left the strongest impression on me.  This Israeli-American violinist was the glue that held the entire film together.  The music was emotional, beautiful, and incredibly moving.  Schindler’s List does an incredible job of juxtaposing the horrific events of the Holocaust with the heartwarming story of one German who essentially sacrifices his own life for the lives of over a thousand Jews.  The music is crucial to this juxtaposition translating across the screen.  A must-see and a guaranteed tear jerker.

Stephanie Rubin

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