Batman to the Rescue (Or Not) – Ally Harper

So tonight I am seeing the new Batman movie with a couple friends of mine (I will probably discuss my post watching feelings on it in my next blog), but for now I am here to discuss what I think about this new film.

To give a little background, I was not expecting on seeing this film tonight. Its premiere night and while I am an avid Dark Night fan, I believe that Batman should not be redone. Its been overdone.. . . remember when Andrew Garfield tried to do spiderman. Was I the only one saying the whole time, where the hell is Toby McQuire to save the day?

Anyway, I am going into this movie with a little bit of knowledge. Quoted from an article titled: “Batman v Superman is a Failure on Every Level”, this is what I expect of Ben Affleck, “Very bad. Profoundly bad. This movie is exhaustingly, catastrophically bad. It is a failure on every single level. The story is bad. The direction is bad. The music somehow manages to be bad. The acting is at best serviceable and at worst, in one egregious case, unwatchable. The sensation of watching this film is pain. The amount of pain may vary depending on your particular tastes, but some measure of pain is the promise of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. So my hopes for watching a good movie tonight have been completely ruined.

Now you might be asking why I am talking about a film I have not even seen, but I just wanted to discuss, pre screening, hollywood’s inability for creativity. I mean come on, can we think of something original for once. Why do we have to repeatedly remake amazing films that cannot be copied. There are just some films that cannot be retold. Here is a warning to any film maker out there. Find some originality.

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