Batman v. Superman – A Review

I have something of an affinity for super-heroics, so of course there I was in Carmike 10 with an eager anticipation for Time Warner’s attempt at a cinematic universe. Now I had read the reviews beforehand. To say the film has proven divisive would not be too far from the truth. Critics have had a field day needling the film for it various perceived inadequacies. I thought I would take my own stab at it, seeing as I’ve seen the movie and have a cursory knowledge of film.

I want to start off by making two points. First, the movie is not bad. In fact, some parts of it are quite good. Second, whoever cut the scenes together should be fired immediately. Because the movie is jumpy. Shifting from one scene to another seemingly at random. With the dense amount of material, it made things hard to follow and I feel like I was constantly having to play mental catch-up with the different plots.

But back to the good parts. First I have to praise Wonder Woman and her inclusion in the film. Her actress, Gal Gadot, brought mystique and intrigue into the role while the heroine was in her civilian guise, then kicked a whole lot of ass once she donned her armor. Wonder Woman was electrifying and my one criticism with regards to her was her comparative lack of screen time. But she’s getting a whole movie next summer and I’m very excited to see it.

The other actors and actress did well in their roles. Ben Affleck was a dour, partially crazed Batman, whose propensity for violence may prove exhausting for critics. But this is a grown man who dresses up like a bat and beats people at night. Of course he’s going to have anger problems. Of course he’s going to be grim. And Jesse Eisenberg knocks it out of the park as Lex Luthor. He’s brilliant and clearly dangerous. Critics complain his motivations were flimsy or unclear, but look at the character. His facial tics and mannerisms do not paint the picture of sanity and crazy people do not have the best logic.

The film is also gorgeous and the score is phenomenal. Sadly it just condensed so much material into that two and a half hours and cut the scenes so strangely it can be tiring to watch. Keep in mind, it tried to do in one movie what Marvel did with their entire phase one (five films). And there will be consequences for that.

-Matthew Simpson

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