Parks and Recreation- Valerie Medoff

I’ll admit it, I was late to the game. I put off watching Parks and Recreation for way too long. I absolutely fell in love with this show. I started watching it over the summer and was finally able to finish it this semester.

I often find 30 minute comedy shows to be very formulaic and I tire of them before I finish the series, but that was not the case with Parks and Rec. These characters were far from cliche and grew so much as the series went on. The humor never get old either, though there was definitely a certain style of writing. Especially after our discussion on how comedians can often become offensive and derogatory in their comedy, I really started thinking about that in a larger context. The humor in Parks and Rec is not offensive to a group of people and yet it’s still funny!

The finale of this show is also another aspect of this comedy that I think breaks the formula. I often finish a series with a sort of empty feeling because I know that I will never truly be able to see how those characters’ lives end up. This finale, however, went into so much detail about each and every character. I don’t think I have ever felt like this many strings were tied up at the end of a series and it was very satisfying.

Moral of the story: if you haven’t watched Parks and Rec yet, do your self a favor and spend your Easter weekend doing some binge watching.

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One Response to Parks and Recreation- Valerie Medoff

  1. I am totally going to watch it now…
    I have been looking for a short comedy show to watch while I’m at the gym, thanks for sharing!
    -Emily Strachan

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