The Chopping Block- Megan Barr

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice REVIEW…ish

Of course I went to see this movie. Superheroes are my thing, but I ran to see it opening weekend because of the reviews of Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot. Let’s just say she did not disappoint. Finally!!! A true badass female warrior. It was clear even in the one battle scene she was a part of that her fighting skills and style far outranks both Batman and Superman. Batman was not quite as involved in the final showdown with Doomsday (the big bad created by Lex Luther) because he has the misfortune of not being immortal or an alien. It would be interesting to see Batman and Wonder Woman fight considering once Superman was brought down to a more mortal level by kryptonite Batman made pretty quick work of him. Wonder Woman, however, shows the brains and brawn of a true fighter, and she still does it in style.

So… A+ for the female badass.

There were so many things unfortunately that were not quite so strong. In the end the only thing that keeps Batman from plunging a kryptonite spear into Superman’s heart is that fact their mothers share the same name. They both magically settled their moral differences because they both love their mothers.

The portrayal of Lex Luthor was horrendous.

The pacing was confusing and disastrous as times. It was obvious to any comic book aficionados or superhero movie fans that they were setting up for the Justice League, but for my poor mother, it was a mushy confusing mess.

The worst part of the entire film, however, was not the quality of the content, but the quantity. The film was absolutely too long. It dragged on, and at one point, I heard my mother snoring in a movie theatre booming with explosions. Snyder (the director) clearly had trouble with letting go of parts of his baby, but in the end keeping the film as long as it was only caused it to become tedious. It could have used a nice chop.

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