Kung Fury – Luke Kohler

“YOU’RE BREAKING THE LAWWWWW!!!!” No, that isn’t an indictment of anyone’s Easter weekend activities, but rather one of the (many) memorable quotes from Kung Fury, quite possibly the most B of all B movies.

The film centers around Kung Fury, a normal police officer who after being simultaneously bitten by a cobra and struck by lightning turns into a  martial arts master. Yes, you read that right. Cobra bite + lightning = kung fu. That’s basically a precursor to the hilarity the remainder of this film foreshadows. The title character then fights Hitler and his band of kung fu Nazis with the help of his partner Triceracop and vikings he met while time traveling en route to 1940s Germany. Enough of the plot, though- what is truly amazing about this movie is how writer/director/star David Sandberg made the movie.

Sandberg raised over $600,000 on a $200,000 Kickstarter goal for the film, then began filming in his office in Umea, Sweden. Due to the tight budget, he used a large chroma (green) screen to film individual actors, which he and his production teams merged together digitally. In the Nazi scene, for example, he recorded nearly two minutes of himself acting out martial arts moves, then allowed the extras to act out the conflict based on his actions. That’s over 60 extras filmed in 5 second jaunts in front of a green screen. For anyone who has recorded/edited a video, you’ll understand the insanity of that statement.

Kung Fury is the 1980s, VHS, and synth-pop wrapped into a fun 31 minute package. It’s on Youtube, and I highly recommend you check it out.

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One Response to Kung Fury – Luke Kohler

  1. sounds fun, I’ll be sure to watch…
    -Emily Strachan

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