Saturday Night Watching “Brooklyn” with Mom- Emily Strachan

This weekend I traveled home to Boston to celebrate Easter with my family.  At my house, on Saturday night, the family usually splits up – the guys go into one room to watch ESPN or some sort of war film and the girls watch a Rom-Com or a drama in another room.

This past Saturday night was no different.  My mother, a major movie watcher, said she’d been waiting to see Brooklyn with me.  I had no particular interest in the film…but I was beyond pleasantly surprised.

The film follows a young Irish girl, Eilis’s, immigration to America.  At first, she struggles with the cultural transition, despite living in an area heavily populated by Irish immigrants.  When she falls in love with an Italian American and marries him in a NYC courthouse…(‘cue the lovey music)…everything changes.  But, when she returns to Ireland, after her sisters’ death, she is faced with the decision of either staying in her home country with the comforts of family and familiarity or returning home to her husband…

So why do I like this movie?  I started watching the film under the assumption that it was about immigration during the 1950s. What I learned, however, is that the movie is really all about a young woman falling in love.  It’s an innocent sort of love – the film isn’t plagued by graphic sex scenes or dramatic affairs – rather, the film is about a woman finding a  best friend who makes her feel comfortable in a new country, a best friend who is also a man she loves.

Nowadays many films about love and sex shock viewers.  I’m thinking 50 Shades of Grey, Trainwreck, and the like.  Yet this movie was different.  Refreshing really, especially when watching with your 55 year old mother.

Perhaps this beautiful love – the love that people find in the comfort of a best friend in a new land – is not just for the movies.  Plus, this is a type of love you can discuss with mom.

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