Brooklyn: Not the same old love story

Over the weekend I watched the film Brooklyn and I was BLOWN AWAY!  I am a sucker for love stories but lately have become tired of this repetitive and overdone genre.  When my mother recommended this movie, I was weary; however, my doubts were cast aside as soon as I began the film.  What struck me most about this film is how I felt it embodied Italian Neorealism.  When I think of romance movies (romantic comedies specifically) I think of films such as No Strings Attached and Friends With Benefits.  These movies use glamorous and beautiful actors who live privileged, wealthy lives.  In other words, they are very unrealistic and certainly not relatable.  Although Brooklyn is technically not relatable as it involves immigrants coming to America and falling in love, it is certainly real.  Just like Italian Neorealism advocates, it is the story of the every day people, not the bourgeois.  It is a film that feels real in every single way, and although we are from completely different decades I could easily find a way to relate to Ailish traveling through Ellis Island and feeling lost in a new place.  I could also relate to falling for someone you would least expect, a sentiment that a lot of people experience.  Overall, if you are searching for a love story that will surprisingly warm your heart, than Brooklyn is certainly my recommendation for you!

Stephanie Rubin

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