Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Luke Kohler

NOTE to TA’s: this blog was written ahead of time for the week of 4/4/16.

Max Dosser and I were talking recently about how much we loved 30 Rock, and the writing of Tina Fey, in general. All the while he was humming/half-singing a catchy song, which begged the question “What is that?” Having learned about the “Tight Pants” song from him, I figured that he might illuminate another viral video for my enjoyment.

His answer: “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt theme song. You’ve seen it, right?”

What? I’d never even heard of it. My TV watching of late is a mix of Daniel Tiger and 90s sitcoms like Frasier and Seinfeld. But I love all things Tina Fey, and a quick google search provided me with even more impetus to watch Kimmy: Ellie Kemper from The Office, Jane Krakowski from 30 Rock, and a smattering of supporting roles and cameos, including Martin Short and Carol Kane? Yes, yes, and a big ol’ YES.

So last night, after tee ball practice, bedtime stories and the fifteenth “Go to bed!” I sat down with a glass of bourbon and an open mind. Kimmy did not disappoint. Kemper’s awkwardly lovable character is an amalgam of humor, naivety, humility and beauty. Titus Burgess’s Andromedon supports the main character while experiencing his own evolution on the screen.

I’m not sure when I fell asleep last night (or how many bourbon refills I required), but I am sure of one thing: with Season 1 effectively binge watched, I can’t wait for the upcoming release of Season 2. Tina Fey, you continue to impress.

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One Response to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Luke Kohler

  1. YES! Both 30 Rock and Kimmy Schmidt are two of my favorite shows. My whole family binge watched Kimmy Schmidt within a few days and could not stop laughing! Tina Fey is a gem.
    -Sarah King

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