Post Batman Experience- Ally Harper

So I did it…. I saw Batman. And like predicted (via my last post) it was horrible. Honestly it is the epitome of a movie with the upmost potential that completely fails. Ben Affleck honestly just didnt match up to Christian Bale’s Dark Knight performance. And every time I looked at Henry Cavill I wished he was Tom Welling from Smallville. However, the aspect of the film that bothered me the most was Amy Adams. Her character was just so annoying and her subplot was equally bothersome and boring.

What I did find compelling however was the fact that wonder woman saved the day! Finally we have a female character not only being a hero but being a hero to men. AND Gal Gadot was absolutely amazing. Honestly, she was the only part of the film that I enjoyed. I have never felt the need to fall asleep at a movie except for this one.

You might be thinking that I am saying this because I am not a fan of Batman, Superman, etc. But I have seen every Batman film, sorry superman, Batman is way cooler.

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