The Try Guys – Sarah Fahmy

Instead of doing homework one Wednesday night last week, one of my friends showed me a Buzzfeed Video Series on Youtube featuring the “Try Guys”. We then ended up binge watching tons of their 5 to 10 minutes videos where four guys, Keith, Eugene, Ned, and Zach, proceed to try a bunch of different activities and experiences. Their activities range from getting prostate exams, trying K-pop makeup, trying labor pain simulators, trying on Valentine’s day lingerie, trying to recreated Kim Kardashian’s butt photo, and trying Irish step dancing. The four gentlemen are hilariously entertaining while they do their best to try out all of these different activities. Their  funny one-liners made me laugh out loud (and are also super quotable).

I think it is interesting how when we were watching the Try Guys we connected my friend’s TV in her room to Youtube. It seems to me just to be another example of how TV is being replaced by online content… And shows how online videos can be more than just prank videos or covers of songs, there is real substance to online content. It might be easy just to have the Try Guys try doing stupid and funny stuff to get views, but each try guy is smart and self-reflective and so by the end of the video, the audience can learn something they might not know about the activity if they hadn’t tried it themselves (or watched the try guys try it).


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