Spotlight on Spotlight – Sara Greene

A weekend away from school means a weekend filled with movie watching. After hearing about all the buzz around Spotlight and it’s best picture win and my mom’s constant nagging that I watch it I finally had the chance to sit down and see Spotlight. 

As someone who has grown up as an Irish Catholic this movie really hit home for me as well as my family and I found it extremely interesting all of our different reactions to the movie. My mother, an Italian Catholic woman who married into a strong Irish Catholic family, attended church regularly and raised her children in the Catholic community but was always happy to fall back into her lay catholic ways when my dad was out of town. She has seen the movie 5 times now and can’t believe it so much so now that she no longer attends our church and attends mass when she wants at a new community church. My father, a strong Irish Catholic’s response to the movie is totally different much like how the community responded to finding out about the scandal he sits there in an uncomfortable silence doesn’t say anything and still attends church regularly pretending like he doesn’t know anything about the horrible acts these priests did. After coming to college and becoming a lay catholic I am most shocked by my response to the movie. I found myself almost desensitized to it like I was almost expecting something to be wrong with the institution I had grown up in because that’s just how the wold is. It’s kind of cynical I know but I’m glad that I saw this movie and how it has impacted my community.

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