Kpop Revolution

Megan Barr

WARNING: you are about to lose several hours of your life watching these videos.

After having gotten lost in the deep spaces of the internet this week, I have discovered I am a massive fan of KPOP. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is (which is so sad for you) it’s Korean pop music. It’s all about the girl and boy groups just singing and dancing pop music, and it’s not just your average four to five band members some groups have up to 15 members. Apparently, people develop deep passions for individual members and then worship those members and become dedicated to their lives. I’m not at that point…yet. I was super shocked to find how empowering all the female pop songs were. (that I could understand). It was unfortunate, however, as I was watching a brief history of Kpop video I found out that in Korea they don’t believe you are beautiful but that you have to cultivate that beauty. Still their music is awesome, but what makes it even better are the music videos. These videos are like the boy bands of the late nineties early 2000 on steroids. The production value is insane the overload of colors intense and the pristine beauty of these Korean pop stars breath taking. It makes not understanding a word of what they are saying irrelevant. In Kpop it’s all about the music videos. The music is an experience, and one I’m super excited to hop on board for.


You will thank me for this introduction.

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