Zootopia for the Win! Devin Williams


Even if you’re not a fan of cartoon animation films, this is hands down a must-see! My siblings and I died laughing so hard that we went to see it a second time just to bring our parents along for the ride, and they loved it too!

Could it be the spunky, driven, female bunny lead character that captures our hearts with her sly, hilarious counterpart fox? Perhaps it is the film’s comical references to other classic films. Dare I saw it is all of this and so much more!

The plot is a scavenger hunt of fun, profound character development, and a hearty plot that delivers more twists and turns than you would expect! I fell in love with every character and could not help but realize the parallels the film makes to today’s culture.

The film focuses on a unique community where every animal, prey and predator get along in harmony; but in reality this is not always true, as it is not always true that all races get along in our human communities. The lessons one can learn from Zootopia about being the change you wish to see in the world are definitely the biggest take away and what sold me on considering this movie a staple for every home!

Let me know if you see it! I’d love to hear your thoughts. :)

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