Reconnecting with Grey’s Anatomy

This past weekend I found myself watching Grey’s Anatomy, a show I had previously watched obsessively.  The first time I had gone through this series I had stopped before it fully ended as I found the show became too over the top and unrealistic.  This led me to reflect on a trend I have noticed among my favorite television shows.  They often start out incredibly, but then end up too unrealistic and ridiculous.  What started out as a hospital with gorgeous staff and intertwined lives dealing with the medical world turned into a tragedy ridden disaster with no significant plot line.  Watching the early seasons of Grey’s all over again only made me nostalgic of how fantastic this show could have been had it maintained its original plot line.  Television shows do not need to be overshadowed by disaster in order to be successful; in fact, how closely a show can parallel actual life leads to more success and believability among viewers.  I’ll always remember those early seasons of Grey’s and my passionate admiration for McDreamy and Meredith!

Stephanie Rubin

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