“Say You’ll Never Let Me Go”| Sarah King

(Sorry, but I can’t help but use this week’s blog as an opportunity for an SU plug for one of my favorite events of the year: The Spring Concert)

In case you haven’t heard, the Student Union Spring Concert is this Friday, and The Chainsmokers and Sage the Gemini are coming. This is the biggest concert SU has done since the Macklemore show several years ago, and I’m pretty excited.


One of the most challenging things about planning a concert (especially college shows) is having to book an artist so far in advance, not knowing if their popularity will plummet or sky-rocket by the time the concert actually happens. Luckily for Student Union, The Chainsmokers have blown up since we booked them in the fall.

The Chainsmokers are an EDM DJ duo that got their start making remixes of indie bands, signed with Sony Music in 2015, and released their debut album this year. Their singles, “Roses”and “Selfie” both hit #1 on the US Dance Chart.

Last semester, SU sent out a survey to gauge student interest surrounding artists that were within our budget range, and The Chainsmokers were one of the top picks. Ticket sales have exceeded expectations, and hundreds are still being sold everyday. Wake Forest spoke, SU listened, so don’t forget to get your tickets!

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One Response to “Say You’ll Never Let Me Go”| Sarah King

  1. Such a success!
    -Emily Strachan

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