The Choice- Ally Harper

So I must admit. I illegally watched a film this weekend. The Choice based on a Nicholas Sparks movie. Cue the judgement. BUT I LOVED IT! As a Nicholas Sparks film fan (again I know you can laugh all you want), I was expecting the same love story as almost all his films. But this one was different and I about lost it. Its about a girl (who is very sassy) named Gabby and a southern gentleman Travis. They fall in love (no surprise there). But then she gets into a car accident and goes into a coma. Travis must choose between seeing if she wakes up after the prescribed days of 30 to let her go or choose life. I have not been on the edge of my seat for a ROM COM is soooo long. I was frantically texting my friend with messages like: THIS FILM BETTER HAVE A HAPPY ENDING, I SWEAR TO GOD IF SHE DIES I’M GONNA HATE YOU (because she requested the film). Basically as all N. Sparks films, Gabby survives and wakes up completely fine. Now while I loved the ending I have a huge problem with it. realistically there is no way she could have survived like that with no brain damage after 90 days. But the message is lovely. Choose life, and never give up on love. Maybe too sappy for me, but it works and I loved the film.

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