Mr. Right- A Numbers Game??

Megan Barr

So I watched Mr. Right despite all of the negative fees. I rented it and spent money on it, and I don’t really regret it. Was it obviously low budget with some serious continuity flaws? Yes. Was it delightful and very anti-trope? Yes. Were the lead characters hilarious and well cast? Yes…and no.

Sam Rockwell (47) and Anna Kendrick (30) were the lead characters playing love interests in this black romantic comedy. As individual characters, they were charming and refreshing takes on not so typical romantic leads. However, it was one of those Hollywood age gaps that just could not be denied. These two actors both attractive and both talented are still 17 years apart. Now, I’m all for age is not a number, but I can’t help but notice Hollywood’s sick obsession with casting older men and younger female love interests. It bothers me that this is the main representation that we see not that it exists. I’m all for love at any age (as long as it’s legal), but it drives me crazy that the main love stories we are exposed to are the ones between older men and younger women.

But what do I know. I’m single, and I often choose to drink wine alone with my dog.

Maybe I need to look for someone 17 years my senior.

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