Real Woman Power in a Teeny Tiny Package


Karly Morgan

Real Woman Power in a Teeny Tiny Package

We’ve studied many types of stereotyping against women in the media in this class, but I’ve never seen anything like this.

A 9 year old journalist operating in her home town was adored by fans and critics for covering “cute” news. Recently, a homicide occurred, and of course, the young journalist covered it. Critics were outraged, claiming that she shouldn’t cover “that type of news” because she was a young girl.

This little powerhouse made a video directly addressing her critics, and said that if they don’t want to read her news, they should, “turn their computers off and read something else”.

At the young age of 9, this little girl is already shaming stereotypers. The idea that there are only certain types of news stories women should cover, certain roles women should fulfill, and certain types of jobs women should do is an enormous and encompassing issue. I hope she continues to report the news, report the truth, and not let anyone get in her way.

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