it follows

I love horror movies.

I wrote about a god-awful horror movie in a previous post, and although those hold a special place in my heart, I am a sucker for a beautifully-shot, well-acted, smart horror film.

It Follows is not only an incredible horror film, it’s an incredible film.

I would take a still of any frame of the movie and hang it up on my wall, it’s that beautiful, but even aesthetics aside, there are so many layers of complexity to the plot and the way it builds suspense that you could analyze it for days.

it follows

The setting I watch a film in always affects my interpretation of it, and the first time I watched It Follows, I was overnight babysitting in an unfamiliar house and the kids were asleep.

I might not repeat that experience again in the future, but it certainly put me in the right mood for It Follows (even if I did have to call my brother every 10 minutes).

If you don’t like horror movies, I will not try to pretend that It Follows isn’t scary, but know that it’s more than that, too, and if you can make it through, you’ll end up with some interesting ideas to sift through and a lot of haunting imagery left in your mind.


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21. Wake Forest University. Graduating May 2016. Communication Major with a triple minor in Film, Theatre, and Psychology.
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