Barbra Streisand Movies

I watched The Prince of Tides for the second time this past weekend and my love affair with Barbra Streisand started all over again.  I find her work in this film to be incredible and this is one of my favorite movies.  However, watching it again gave me a greater appreciation for the female roles she typically takes on.  In this film, Streisand plays a psychiatrist, while in another one of her classics The Way We Were, she plays a college nerd who falls madly in love with the “it” boy.  Streisand always takes on the role of the quirky, independent and intelligent female, which is something I greatly admire about her.  She does not represent the typical standard of beauty yet combined with her characters, she is the most beautiful actress of all time to me.  That is one of the many reasons I love her so much, she expands the narrow definitions of beauty that our society worships.  You can be smart, nerdy, and have curly hair, yet still be a beautiful and sexy woman.

Stephanie Rubin

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