The Power of Kylie – Sara Greene


The April Millennial issue of Adweek came out yesterday with it’s cover girl an extremely recognizable face to most americans, Kylie Jenner. The article focuses on “The Power of Kylie” and how she became a millennial icon.

Only 18, Jenner has become the embodiment of an entirely new type of celebrity which has only been created in the last coupe of years. Rather than getting fame for her appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians or for hosting events, her celebrity stems merely form the image she presents across her multiple social media platforms.

On Instagram she has more than 57 million followers making her the seventh most followed celebrity on the platform. On snapchat, Jenner became the most followed celebrity last July. Jenner also has her own app where her fans spend $2.99 a month just for access to more exclusive articles and videos that they can’t get on her other sites. Although for many it may seem as if what she does, posting photos of her lips or her outfits of the day may seem remedial, trends such as matte lipstick and athleisure apparel can be traced to Jenner and all products featured on her Instagram sell out. It takes a certain level of skill and knowledge to be able to be that smart of a salesmen.

For more information about the Adweek article and Kylie Jenner’s new fame you can read the article here.

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