Why “I am Cait” Doesn’t Deserve so much Heat – By, Emily Strachan

For the past year Caitlyn Jenner has made headlines across the country.  The former male Olympic Athlete came out at a transgender woman last spring via an interview with Diane Sawyer…and since the interview aired critics have had their fun.  At first, some thought the whole Caitlyn rodeo was a publicity stunt — perhaps just another way for the Kardashian clan to make their mark on the globe.  From the transgender community, some felt that Caitlyn wasn’t a relatable member of their group–that her fame made her struggles less than compared to other trans people.

Since her initial transition and gorgeous cover shoot for Vanity Fair magazine the hype has fizzled and people seem less focused on what Caitlyn is up to.  Yet, E is now airing the second season of the reality TV show, “I am Cait,” which will surely create a new stream of discourse.  This show, similar to Cait transitioning in general, has dealt with quite a bit of criticism.  I think it is time people stop associating the show with the Kardashians’ and start looking at it as a remarkable media artifact.

Think about it this way.  Imagine if 20 years ago a male Olympian said he was really a female.  The mainstream would have likely been horrified.  Now, in 2016, a popular Entertainment channel has a show dedicated to a trans person.  Famous or not…Kardashian related or not…this is huge progress!

“I am Cait” celebrates the trans community while also bringing light to their struggles.  With recent events here is North Carolina, regarding the trans community, it seems that we must take a moment and applaud Cait.  Let’s be please that the media is recognizing the LGBTQ community…because if we overly criticize were just as bad as NC lawmakers…

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