The Boss- Valerie Medoff


This weekend, I went to go see The Boss starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell. I was surprised by how little PR I had seen for the film and as a result, I didn’t know much about it going in.

While it was certainly a light- hearted and entertaining film, I couldn’t help but feel like I’d seen McCarthy play this exact same character in previous films with very similar plot-lines.

She always seems to play the troubled loner who was unloved in her childhood and as a result is distant and cold. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for McCarthy to be continually type cast in these same roles in comedy films that often don’t do too well at the box office. The fact that she has recently only been cast in roles such as this one diminishes her range.

My all time favorite character that she played was Sookie on Gilmore Girls. Sookie was a fully developed character who wasn’t reduced to an archetype. McCarthy has the range to play so many more characters than are being offered up to her and it’s a shame that she is being so restricted, probably due in part to her looks. Women who do not fit the mold of young and thin are often restricted from being romantic leads and are relegated to the comedic relief roles. Even though McCarthy’s character has a love interest in The Boss, their relationship is an unhealthy one built solely upon competition with one another.

Yes, this film was a cute and humorous film, but it’s not one that made me think or surprised me in any way because I am so used to McCarthy playing these similar roles.

Here’s the trailer in case you want to check it out:

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