23 Blast- Ally Harper

I was feeling an inspirational film this week so I decided to browse Netflix and found this film called 23 Blast. It is a true story about a football player, Travis Freeman, who becomes blind from bacterial meningitis and must give up his dreams of playing in the NFL. We see him struggle with becoming blind and his depression of not only dealing with his disability, his girlfriend not being able to deal with such disability, and his desire to play a game that he can no longer play. Then while watching his friends practice, he talks to his coach and gives him some advice on the plays without even seeing what happened. His coach then has an idea. Travis can play again, even blind. The position of centre doesn’t actually have to see. They only need to snap the ball and block exactly what is in front of them. After much trial and error Travis learns to play football with no eyesight. The best part of this film: Its a true story. Now as a film student, I will say that its not cinematically beautiful. Its not some epic movie that rivals the best, but emotionally I connected with it. I’ve been talking about it all week.

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