Summer is for the Movies – Emily Strachan

Springtime is always hectic and overwhelming – final papers, exams, and plethora of social events fill the days until they all blend into one long streaming season.  I usually go to the movies when I am looking for a way have a low-key Saturday night or when I want to warm my body with buttery popcorn…or in the Summer, when time is on my side.

The past month of so I have hardly scene any films outside of the ones’ assigned as academic coursework.  I feel out of the loop on what’s in theaters and also annoyed that I haven’t had a few hours to sit down and enjoy the film watching experience.

When I go back home to Boston in May I will begin a summer of movie watching.  My mother is always down to hit the theaters on a rainy day, so I am going to use this time at home to catch up and relax in the pleasure of cinema.

So what should I see when I go on my summer movie watching binge? The Jungle Book, Me Before You, and The Legend of Tarzan all seem to be worth taking a look at.

Oh…and don’t let my forget, I can’t wait to see this animated movie – Sausage Party – maybe I have an off sense of humor but it looks hilarious…take a peek! Sausage Party Trailer

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