A New Observation About Schindler’s List

I know I have already written a blog post about this film, but after writing a term paper on it in another class I felt it was important to share an interesting observation I discovered.  I did not originally realize that Steven Spielberg was hesitant to direct this film.  He was extremely reluctant to take on such a serious movie that also touched upon his own life.  An interesting aspect of this Holocaust film is that it is from the perspective of a “good” German, and, through studying Oskar Schindler I discovered an interesting parallel between him and Steven Spielberg.  They both transition from profiteer to humanitarian.  For Oskar, he undergoes this transformation when he changes from a greedy businessman to a charitable and heartfelt man who saves the lives of his Jewish workers at the expense of his own fortune.  For Spielberg, he transitions from making the two highest grossing films of all time and being named one of Forbes wealthiest in the entertainment industry to not even accepting the profits of Schindler’s List.  Instead, he used the money to create the Shoah Foundation, which honors Holocaust survivors.  Just thought that this was an interesting parallel to point out.  I was fascinated by the connection between a Jewish filmmaker and a German as well as member of the Nazi party.

Stephanie Rubin

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