1000 to 1- Ally Harper

This week I watched a film called 1000 to 1. It was about a freshman basketball player at Gettysburg who had a stroke and lost the ability to play basketball. After much therapy he rejoined the team and had the ability to play again, but do to the liability his coach would not let him. His coach would only allow him play during the tip off. At the last game of the season, seeing the wrongness in this decision, the other team fouled him so that he could take one last shot. The reason this film is called 1000 to 1 is because during his high school career he made 1000 baskets, and during his college day she only made 1 do to this accident. Now this film wasn’t the best. As a film buff I retaliated at the cinematography and editing, but the story was amazing. I became enthralled with the storyline and each of the characters. As someone who is no stranger to injury, I understand the pain all too well. In high school I was almost paralyzed due to a horse back riding accident and I therefore related to this story deeply. I would suggest this film to anyone, just based on the story. Its inspirational. And the best part. Its true. Google Corey Weismann to learn more.

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