Casey Neistat Daily Vlogs – Sarah Fahmy

As you might be able to tell from my other blogs posts, I watch a lot of YouTube videos. I tend to stay away from beauty halls, makeup tutorials, cartoons or prank videos but I do love watching daily vlogs. I was first exposed to Casey Neistat through his super popular Snapchat stories where he documented his life as a filmmaker in New York City. A little less than a year ago, Neistat made the transition from Snapchat to YouTube and started producing ten minute long daily vlogs of his life. The videos are really entertaining as he skates around the city on his electric skateboard, collaborates with other YouTubers and filmmakers, goes shopping with his adorable 1-year old daughter, travels to South Africa and surfs, and inter-splices lots of cool and dynamic time-lapses (a much more sophisticated use of the camera than the majority of daily vlogers). It’s no wonder his videos average almost a million views and that he almost has 3 million subscribers on his channel after less than a year (an impressive feat). I can’t wait to see where his life goes and I definitely recommend checking out his channel!

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