It’s a Cartoon- Megan Barr

After having finished an interview with Turner in Atlanta, I now have a strong desire to go and rematch the cartoon of my childhood, The Powerpuff Girls. It makes me sad, however, that as I was reminiscing about this beautiful childhood memory someone told me an extremely disappointing story. While talking to a father about the show, the father said “yeah because my son would watch Powderpuff Girls.” (sarcastic tone implied). I have several giant issues with this statement. Why is this father limiting something his son can watch because it’s lead characters are girls? If the title characters were simply changed to boys this father would see no problem with his son watching this show. Why is this father classifying his son by gender norms. Why wouldn’t this father want to expose his son to strong female characters?

This is why Hollywood doesn’t think lead female characters will work. It believe women will go see men in charge but not vice versa, but that is simply not true. Put a child in front of a tv and boy or girl they are going to love or hate Powerpuff Girls and highly doubt it will be because the leads are girls. I babysit for several families and boy or girls their favorite character from the recent Star Wars was Rey because she was a hero boy or girl.

Why does society paint femininity negatively masculinity positively. Women can watch and enjoy both but men can’t which will forever leave femininity as the lesser of the two.

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