Week 1 Blog Post

Week 1 Blog Post

By: Sam Beckerman

I really enjoyed this first week of classes, and thought the material was extremely interesting. One of the most interesting aspects of the week was looking at the sitcoms we watched as a class, and the sitcoms that are currently on television. To be honest, I thought that there would be a much larger difference, although the similarities between the first sitcoms and current sitcoms are startling.

When watching ‘The Amos ‘n’ Andy Show, I found it extremely similar to current sitcoms. They used the laugh track, and covered basic story line material. Obviously in the current age, the technology is better, and it is slightly better scripted, but they are still extremely similar. The most obvious different is the use of color in current sitcoms. I have to image once color was introduced that was a very large deal. So the question I pose to the class is what do you think the next “invention” will be? Or what do you think will be the next major impact on sitcoms?

Personally, I believe that it will be incorporating 3D aspects to the shows. This is already available with some televisions. But I believe it will be the next major step in terms of televisions, and sitcoms more specifically.

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One Response to Week 1 Blog Post

  1. marymdalton says:

    You know, I have to wonder whether or not you are right about 3D. I find that I’m not a huge fan except in a very, very few select cases where it seems to be an enhancement. Often, these are animated films. It does seem that screens are getting more mobile (and smaller), and if I knew what the next big innovation will be, then I would be able to make a fortune. ;-)

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