New Take on the Family Sitcom

In our Culture and the Sitcom class this summer, we’ve been reading what Judy Kutulas has to say about family sitcoms in the new edition of The Sitcom Reader:  America Re-viewed, Still Skewed.  Her chapter is called “Who Rules the Roost?:  Sitcom Family Dynamics from the Cleavers to Modern Family.  She discusses changes and enduring patterns in the shows over time, and it looks like there may a new take on the TV family coming up this fall.

sitcom reader 2 cover

Speechless looks intriguing — good cast, fresh premise, and what promises to be an integration of a main character with a disability into a prime-time television series.  Read more about the show here.

Looking forward to checking it out.

In the meantime, our class will study the (short and small) history of characters with disabilities on sitcoms in a couple of months when we read Wake Forest graduate Jim Schultz’s chapter in The Sitcom Reader, “Disability and Sitcoms:  A Legit Analysis.”  Over a third of the chapters in the second edition of the anthology are new, and Jim’s essay is one of them!







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