Week 1 Blog post Andrea Vahoua

When I decided last semester to become a communications minor, I thought the courses would comprise more of writing and creative thinking and less of the controversial material that my sociology major is always rooted in. This class, in the 1 week I have been in it, has already shown me that my assumptions were incorrect. We watched, as an assignment, Amos and Andy and also listened to the radio version. As an African-American woman, I found the content not only troubling, but almost impossible to stomach. I found myself stopping two times during each piece to think and calm myself because the content was so terrible to me. I won’t say that the picking of the content was insensitive but it most definitely caught me off guard which in reality is what college is all about, exposing you to new things. The extreme stereotypes and malpropisms that are essential parts of Amos and Andy, even the Goldberg’s, had a serious effect on my reaction towards them. If they weren’t towards African-American people, people who I obviously empathize with, my reaction would’ve not been the same.
It also troubles me and is very problematic that it was so successful but I found it very interesting that when I did switch to TV people began to view it in a different light. When Amos and Andy transitioned from radio to TV people began to notice and complain about the stereotypes and ignorance that the show generated. This stupid lowly image of blacks in society was all of a sudden extremely problematic now that the medium had changed. It’s interesting that it took having a visual, an actual character an actual actor, giving life to the words for people to recognize the racist content that the show is found in. This class, the people we’ve heard from, and the readings have already taught me more than I expected them to and I can only wait anticipation for what else I will learn.

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  1. marymdalton says:

    Wow. I’m glad that you are learning more than you expected to — and I suspect it is the types of things we are reading, watching, and discussing that is helping to spark that learning. I also appreciate how challenging, and at times painful, the experience can be. Everything builds, too, so that when we get to an episode of Black-ish near the end of the summer session, you’ll have a lot of analytical tools to bring into play for our discussions and your own writing!

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