How Sitcoms have Changed – Sam Beckerman

In the sitcoms we watched this week it was evident during the 1950’s it was valued that each family members played their traditional roles. In every show we watched it was typical the the father would leave for work in order to provide for their family. The father figure would take great pride in this, and would encourage the mother figure to stay at home. The mother figure would typically do housecleaning, and other very stereotypical roles around the house. I think this is most noticeable while watching the episode “Job Switching” from I Love Lucy.

Although, in today’s current age I think this traditional approach has changed. I think the best example of this is Modern Family as it is far from a traditional family. I think an audience is drawn to the creativity that is demonstrated in the show. I think from a creative perspective I think the writers probably enjoy  it much more as it allows them to be much more adventurous with plot lines. Therefore, I pose this question: Are there any sitcoms that use a traditional family that are currently on television? Do you think they are successful? 2013-150-mf_header

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One Response to How Sitcoms have Changed – Sam Beckerman

  1. marymdalton says:

    Great question! You mention Modern Family, and there is one “traditional” family of the three — Claire and Phil along with their three children! As for others, it is harder to come up with a good answer. Many people LOVE The Middle, which would qualify. I’ve noticed a number of other such shows being trotted out over the last several years but not lasting very long. Of course, as history shows us, one big success will inspire a multitude of imitators!

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