I Love Lucy Don’t You?!?!?

I was starting to get a little down with a lot of the content I was seeing in my communications course that I’m taking. A lot of the content was really contrary to what I believe in many things are very different from what they were back then which I can understand and appreciate but I was still have problems connecting. Our sitcoms now still use a lot of the themes and jokes that were so great back then, but  the beliefs that these people and these older shows had really irked me. With all that said of course I was elated when I saw “I love Lucy” in our lesson plans. “I love Lucy” might be one of the greatest sitcoms to ever exist. Point blank.

I love Lucy was a sitcom that was generations ahead of its time. The production team used the best cameras, had the best cinematographer, had the best directors, along with the comedic genius of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. In the era that “I Love Lucy” came out, it was astonishing that a minority could be married to a white woman in a sitcom and that audiences embraced the story so well. They not only accepted the characters but fans were so smitten with the show that they completely conflated the characters to the actual people This conflation was not unbelievable because the actors Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were truly a couple! They were a real married actually in love just like the characters in the show. “I Love Lucy” fans were so in love with the show that they wanted the Lucy and Ricky characters to be real. It’s very similar to how children want so much to believe that their Disney characters are real. I love this show, I love the image it created for America, I love how it completely changed the American dream and I love how Sitcom Reader talked about how ground breaking this program was. The Lucy character in the show wasn’t tied to any strict gender roles or oppressive themes.Even though yes she was the housewife and Ricky was the breadwinner, she changed how a housewife looked in American society. Because of Lucille Ball’s comedic genius she was given freedom to do what she wanted with the Lucy character and make her into a dynamic woman who was an equal in the house to Ricky. Her character was beautifully subversive. In the episode we watched Ricky and Lucy job witched so they could grow to love and understand all the work the other does to keep the house running smoothly. Lucy was constantly moving and keeping her character fluid and unpredictable. She showed America that women could try out new things and challenge the social norms and roles.

By: Andrea Vahoua

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2 Responses to I Love Lucy Don’t You?!?!?

  1. I really enjoyed this blog post and the idea that Lucy redefined what a housewife is. It got me thinking about all the rolls we are playing in our lives today. As college students, we have many platforms of opportunity that we can choose to use as we please. Lucille Ball had a major platform and she used it to the best of her abilities to almost release the negative stigma on gender roles by breaking stereotypes. So are we going to just follow the paths of others with the same opportunities, or are me going to try to redefine the negatives like Lucy?

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