The Mask You Live In- Lexi Cass

Recently I watched the documentary The Mask You Live In on Netflix. I was really interested in the topic because it dealt with masculinity and the narrow definition of what masculinity is. Usually I watch more films and read more pieces that deal with femininity, although I have always recognized the struggle that comes with the word ‘masculine’ as well. I think this movie is really important because it fights for equality from the man’s point of view (for those who are “tired” of women “wining” about equal rights). The film shows how the sexism struggle has both sides (men and women). It really points out how boys from birth are told to exhibit their masculinity to the fullest and ‘be a man’, and this can be extremely destructive to someone looking to find their own identity as well as express emotions. I liked that this movie dealt with boys and men of all backgrounds and ages as well accompanied its message with sociologists, doctors, and psychologists. I really recommend this film and I think it should be shown in schools all over.

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2 Responses to The Mask You Live In- Lexi Cass

  1. Lexi- This documentary sounds really interesting. I wonder to what extent it examined this idea of expressing masculinity from a young age and how it differs in cultures around the world. I would argue that although Americans are accepting, there still is a very strong group that still believes in strong masculine ideals as the only form of masculinity. I wonder what your thoughts are on Americans versus other cultures.

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