MacLean Lessenberry- Lucy, I’m Home

I was extremely excited to be studying I Love Lucy this week and in turn, Lucille Ball. I know a lot of background history on Desi and Lucy’s marriage and life together already so I was surprised to find out some of the information we read/watched this week. I was intrigued by the alternate ending to pregnancy episode as I had never heard of it. I also was sad to hear that Lucille Ball really was content with being a housewife- that almost shattered the illusion of ‘Lucy’ for me, sadly. Really, I thought I would know a lot about this week, but it definitely gave me the opposite impression. The technological aspect included regarding the camera was a neat addition to the week- giving a different perspective


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One Response to MacLean Lessenberry- Lucy, I’m Home

  1. MacLean, I enjoyed learning about the three camera setup as well. This setup, popularized by I Love Lucy, is definitely a departure from what most people are used to and it is unique to television. Do you think there is a noticeable difference between multiple camera and single camera sitcoms? Which do you prefer? -Bradley Sawyer

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