The Dumbing Down of TV

By: Alex Giacco

Gary Kenton starts his talk about drawing comparisons to how TV in the 60s was reacting to the music that was being produced by the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The rock ‘n roll genre was subversive, focused around the Rolling Stones, which moved American society with the social movements that were also occurring at the same time. The sitcoms completely backlashed against the social movements on the 1960s and retracted from what was happening in society.

The magicoms were a complete failure in the 60s and reverted back in time, instead of pushing the envelope and moving American TV society forward. This was evidenced in the shows that we explored, “I Dream of Jeannie”, “Bewitched”, and “Mister Ed” which were all completely ridiculous in their own right.

Kristina Gupta’s discussion of intersectionality is very interesting and makes me reconsider how I think about gender and stereotypes in the popular shows we watch and the culture we all participate in today. This leads nicely into how the technical issues aligned with the issues of content in “Julia” which was bold at the time of its intial airing. Julia played a strong role as capable housewife, but was still greatly marginalized through camera edits and lighting. There was no escaping the racism of the time despite the show really actually trying to be a step forward in social progression.

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One Response to The Dumbing Down of TV

  1. marymdalton says:

    Kristina Gupta has done her job, then! Challenging our preconceptions is what it’s all about!

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