Characters in media-Sarahbeth Rogers

I just came home from a movie that I ended up very frustrated with. In fact, my friend and I spent the whole car ride home complaining about the ending and proposing alternative endings to make us feel better. The first thing I did when I got home was log onto Netflix to turn on Grey’s Anatomy, which I finally started this summer. It got me thinking why I typically enjoy televisions shows so much more than movies. It’s all because of the characters. In the movie I just saw, I was angry about the main characters’ choices. But, I think it was just because I never got to know the characters well enough to understand their full motives, or rather, not understand why they did not weigh all of the options I felt were worthy.

In a television show, I tend to feel safer. The characters have more opportunities to develop, and we can typically count on them to be in the next episode. When the series comes to a close, we are mentally prepared to say goodbye to the characters. I always find myself more satisfied with the ending of a series than with that of a movie. I like the stability, and I like looking forward to the continuation of a story in the next episode. I like knowing I will get to understand a character better in the next season instead of hoping for a sequel that includes my favorite character.

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2 Responses to Characters in media-Sarahbeth Rogers

  1. marymdalton says:

    I’m dying to know what movie you watched…

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