“Ridiculcoms” Escapism

by Maddy Eldredge

What struck me this week was the interview with Gary Kenton. The sitcoms that we have studied in the previous weeks have reflected the period and the social issues at the time. However, these “Magicoms” were an away to escape and protest the discussion of the social issues. I thought this was interesting because I always considered watching TV, specifically sitcoms as a way of turning off my brain and escaping the discussion of social issues. This, of course, was before I started studying sitcoms more clearly, however, I thought it was interesting that there is a genre of sitcoms that serves this purpose intentionally. I think this is why these were successful. People enjoy having a medium to escape their issues and social issues of the time. These magicoms¬†gave people a way to do so with mindless entertainment.

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4 Responses to “Ridiculcoms” Escapism

  1. Bradley Sawyer says:

    Maddy, I totally agree with your point regarding the magicoms giving people an avenue to escape from the monotony of everyday life. After watching Kenton’s interview and reading his chapter, in my opinion he came off as a bit jaded and as a realist. With that being said, I did appreciate his point of view but think he may be giving the magicoms a bit more credit than they deserve. I do believe people enjoyed them because it allowed them an escape but do not agree with his assertion that they are responsible for a “trance-like, magicom universe” that we are living in.
    -Bradley Sawyer

  2. marymdalton says:

    Yes, I guess there could be a cumulative effect, but still…I agree with Bradley.

  3. I agree and I wrote about this in my post as well! I use television, specifically Netflix, to escape the stress of school and work. I know many other students do the same, but to others this may come off as us taking the lazy road.

  4. Jake Moross says:

    I agree with this blog and I think that many sitcoms served this purpose, but I also think its interesting to see how popular television today is changing such that some of the most popular shows (Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Homeland, Breaking Bad) are intense dramas that require extensive attention and engagement, quite far from resembling a popular sitcom. Perhaps people are gravitating towards more mindful television watching instead of the mindless television watching that was popular to the sitcoms we have been discussing and those that Gary Kenton discussed.

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