SNL-Matt West

Saturday Night live began in 1975. And while it is not a situational comedy I think that it shows another important form of media in the 1970s. The skits performed at the beginning of the series by future star actors has allowed the show to run until this day over 40 years. Below is the best of youtube playlist. While there are skits from the series entire episode list it is interesting to watch the comedy develop and the underlying theme to shift.

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One Response to SNL-Matt West

  1. marymdalton says:

    This is a provocative post. Excellent clip! I’d love to know what you (and other people in the Culture and the Sitcom class) think about what this clip says about the conventions and the ideology of the sitcom genre. Very curious… Also, I wonder how what we’ve read and discussed so far changes your appreciation and interpretation of the clip.

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