All in the Family

In the episode we watched of All in the Family, Archie Bunker did not back away from making comments and ordering around his wife. When Sammy Davis Jr. made a guest appearance Archie did not hold back from making racist comments. Additionally, when Sammy Davis came into the Bunker household Archie kept trying to shoo away his wife Edith. He told Edith to get the coffee and make sure she wasn’t in the way. In the chapter it talks about how Archie is such a loving character despite his occasional rude comments and behavior.  However, I did not necessarily fall in love with his character after watching this episode. He annoyed me with his comments and ordering his wife around. However if I watched more episodes I would probably like and respect  Archie’s character more by rationalizing that his ideas are simply rather conservative. However, I would argue that by just watching one episode it is hard to sympathize with his character, it is easier to find him stuck in his ways and intolerant.

-Emily Elliott

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4 Responses to All in the Family

  1. marymdalton says:

    Well…I’ve never fallen in love with him either…but many viewers did! Also, he “softens” as time goes on in the series.

  2. mediaphiles says:

    When I was younger, we used to live in a neighborhood, and one of the neighbors used to call my dad “Archie”. This was my first time watching All in the Family and therefore meeting the real Archie; I was appalled that anyone called my dad that because he’s not racist or bossy or not near as outspoken as Archie is. However, by the end of the episode I started laughing and seeing similarities. Once I got past all the crude comments, I saw someone who hates the constant commotion in the house and didn’t hide it when he was annoyed. My dad is quiet, but we can always tell when he’s aggravated. He’s loving and caring, but it’s a lot easier for him to be more open about that now that my parents live out of town in the middle of an orange grove, and away from the constant commotion of a “friendly” neighborhood. Now that I’ve seen the real Archie, I’m glad my dad outgrew that nickname, even if he received it for the less blatant reasons.

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