I Still Dislike ‘Roseanne’- Lexi Cass

After Dr. Dalton pointed out many times that her students often times expressed a dislike for Roseanne when they were younger, I remembered that I too felt this way. Roseanne for some reason was always the show on TV when I was home sick from school. I didn’t enjoy watching it. I found the characters just simply annoying.

After watching it more recently and through a more critical eye, I still found myself not enjoying it. I understand from an analysis perspective that the show broke boundaries in many ways. I appreciate the progressiveness and the true main female character, however I still find the show hard to watch. I thought the birth control episode had a great message to it. Talking about sex, especially with parents, is a progressive idea and it promotes sexual safety and openness. However, the characters turn me off from taking the message seriously. It may just be a personal preference, as I simply do not find the humor funny, and I find the characters more whiny and annoying than anything else. Did anyone else still feel this way?




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One Response to I Still Dislike ‘Roseanne’- Lexi Cass

  1. marymdalton says:

    Hmmmmm….”many times?”…makes me sound pretty repetitive!

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