The ’80s are a No Go

I am unsure if it is simply our generation, but I really disliked this week’s shows. Roseanne, which Professor Dalton mentioned previous students had also disliked, was definitely not a favorite. I never liked this show when I was a child and I again did not like it. I cannot place exactly why. I also was never a fan of Cheers. I remember it coming onto TV Land when I was younger and I always thought it was extremely boring and dim. I have noticed I don’t like television shows do not include bright colors- for example, every episode of Breaking Bad is pretty dully colored even though the show’s content is exciting and I never joined the fan club for that show either. I think it’s interesting how much of a factor these background choices can play in whether a viewer latches onto a series or not.


-MacLean Lessenberry

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3 Responses to The ’80s are a No Go

  1. mediaphiles says:

    MacLean, I agree with you about the colors and background having an impact on the viewer. I did not love Roseanne either. For me, it was something about the family’s house, I did not like the fact that it was rather untidy and uninviting. I know the show was trying to represent average American life, but for me it was a turn off. It seemed like a house I wanted to avoid, rather than sit down and watch a 30 minute episode.

    -Emily Elliott

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I also agree the colors and setting can make a good show seem boring. I have found some shows are much better to watch when the budget increases in later seasons and they put more emphasis on the scenery and overall production aesthetic. I think Roseanne was dull not only for the setting but also their use of the house put emphasis on the negative sides of their economic situation instead of using bright open spaces. Tyler Roberts

  3. marymdalton says:

    Funny, the darker “film” look of Cheers is part of what I have always liked about it! Different strokes (not to be confused with the sitcom by the same name!).

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