The Contemporary Family

Lately, I have been binge watching How I Met Your Mother. This show is very entertaining and I find myself getting sucked in very easily. As I watch though I can’t help but think about the similarities between this show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  At the end of TMTMS, Mary explains that the characters have essentially become her family because they love her and make her feel comfortable. Essentially that’s what family is all about. This idea of family is reflected in How I Met Your Mother as well. The characters Robin, Ted, Marshall, Lily and Barney all live in New York and essentially act as family. They celebrate holidays together and support each other when in need. Lily and Marshall even get married! I think it is really interesting to recognize how this idea of a modern family was a relevant idea in the 70’s and continued to be in the 2010s and today. This is one of the themes from the 70s that now is more commonplace rather than controversial. The other themes we studied from the 70s such as the racism in Good Times and All in the Family is still an issue today in modern America. Racism existed long before the shows in the 70s began to shed light on it and unfortunately still exists today. However, the idea of the contemporary family is something that is fully accepted and not even thought of twice now, while in the 70’s it was a very profound and somewhat controversial theme to explore.

-Emily Elliott

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    Good post!

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