Orange is the New Black- MacLean Lessenberry

I have been binging this show on Netflix for the past few weeks. It is a show that has an interesting use of background. While the main characters are rarely out of Litchfield Women’s Prison, the prison is a large enough background that the episodes don’t have to become boring. When one thinks of a prison they would not imagine somewhere interesting enough to set an entire multiple season series on, but they pull it off as a hit Netflix series. I also think that when most people think of a television show set in a prison they assume that it would have to deal with hard core crime to be interesting. While OITNB does do that, the feeling of the episodes overall are almost cheery and quite funny. This series is an interesting spin on prison life and the shows that surround this small niche.

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2 Responses to Orange is the New Black- MacLean Lessenberry

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I agree. I also think that it is really interesting how they portray the characters. What does this mean as far as feminism goes? I think that basing the plot around a jail (something the audience normally associates with dangerous men) puts a really interesting spin on the show. -Maddy Eldredge

  2. marymdalton says:

    I believe this is the strongest season of the series yet. The buzz among my friends has been mixed.

    Several have found this season “too dark,” but I believe the narrative arc for the season is the most cohesive one yet ideologically (the dangers of privatizing government entities) and in terms of plot (what happens when profit comes before people).

    There’s more, of course, in terms of themes explored, but this overarches it all.

    I’m not one for spoilers, and it is possible that someone in my orbit who intends to has not finished watching the new episodes, so I’ll refrain from any story details here. But, I must say that while I will miss my favorite character next season, it sometimes takes a big loss to drive home the most important points. Enough said here.

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